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Importing Hero Forge® Minis

Harken Studio
December 21, 2022

Battle Map Studio officially supports Hero Forge®!

To get started with importing your Hero Forge® minis to Battle Map Studio, navigate to the Asset Manager and then select the Hero Forge® tab.

Before importing minis, you’ll need to connect your Hero Forge® account by inputting your Hero Forge® Access Key (find it here).  If you don’t have a Hero Forge® account, create one here!

Scroll down to view all of your cool Hero Forge® minis!
Once your Hero Forge® account is connected, just select a Hero Forge® mini and click Import.  Now you can use your Hero Forge® mini in Battle Map Studio!

Hero Forge® minis are imported as characters, so they can move, attack, die, and use the built-in character sheet!